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Exuma Attractions
Stocking Island - Exuma, Bahamas
Only about a mile across Elizabeth Harbor from the Club Peace and Plenty, Stocking Island separates Exuma from the Atlantic ocean. This is one of the reasons for the calm waters in the Harbor and features a several relaxing nature trails. The water taxi will take you to Stocking Island, docking at Chat 'n Chill ($12 per person, rt.) or Hamburger Beach ($15 per person rt.) from 10am to 5pm everyday (Except for Good Friday and Christmas) A short hike to the ocean side brings you to beautiful deserted beaches and a stunning ocean view.

Cave Diving in Exuma
While not for everyone, the caves found at Hurricane Hole provide a unique world-class cave diving opportunity.


One of the most addictive fights you have yet to experience. Bonefish are found primarily in shallows often less than 1 foot deep. They range in size from 3 pounds up to 12 pounds. They are referred to as the "Grey Ghost" because they look like shadows in the sand.

When Bonefish dig under the sand for crabs their tails can be seen sticking out of the water (this is called "Tailing").
While you can catch Bonefish with a spinning rod, they are easily spooked. At the Bonefishing School, we will teach you to use a fly rod from a flat bottomed boat. Remember, even the smallest of these fish is strong enough to pull you and your boat out to sea!

Planning a fishing trip for you and your friends or you want to experience some great fishing while on vacation with your family.

Bahamas Dining & Dancing
club dining
Each week at the Club Peace & Plenty a band or DJ brings you the island sounds of Exuma. The restaurant also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bahamas Boat and Kayak Rentals
Boats and Kayaks are available for site seeing and visiting those hidden coves. Along with guided trips, instruction, nature eco-tours and romantic beach getaways are great ways to explore the island with Starfish, The Exuma Adventure Center

Salt Stone - Exuma, Bahamas
On Stocking Island, you can hike to the salt stone. In ancient days, this monument was placed atop the highest point on the island to alert passing ships they could come here for salt and other supplies

Wedding / Honeymoon
Spend some quiet time on the beach, in the Hotel or at the pool for your Honeymoon

Sounds of Exuma

Enjoy the Sounds of Exuma - by Lorne Smith and the Jetstreamers. Sounds are in .WAV format.

About Exuma
Bahama Lullaby
Exuma Farewell
Fools Rush In
Island In The Sun
Land Of Sea And Sun
Regatta Time Merengue
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